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Our Jewelry  

 BVLA (Body Vision Los Angeles) is one of the most respected and admired gold & platinum body jewelry companies hands down.  

Body Gems offers quality White & Yellow Gold body jewelry.  Check out their LunEar Seam Ring, perfect for a Daith!

Industrial Strength is the the one and only company famous for their Odyssey Septum Clicker!   Their jewelry creations are hand polished Implant Grade Steel, & Titanium.  However, we only carry their Titanium - we figure if you're going to spend money why not give you the best!

NeoMetal has a unique patented Titanium Push Pin design that offers a more secure solution. * No more losing your nostril ring at 3am!! NeoMetal is our biggest seller, along side Industrial Strength.

Anatometal carries one of the most gorgeous line of eyelets for your lobes.   They offer gold options, high quality Implant Grade Steel, & High Polish Titanium (don't forget anodizing your jewelry, which we provide at no charge).  

Gorilla Glass  has a beautiful line of colorful and handcrafted glass body jewelry for your body modifications, and their ear weights are absolutely stunning!

Glasswear Studios has a funky selection of  Jelly Fish, Aquarium & Mushroom Plugs. You'll want a pair of each! 

* Scylla, Maria Tash, Maya Jewelry, Oracle, LeRoi, Honeycomb, Diablo Organics & Tawapa Jewelry are available for special order * 


Our Talent - 

Brent Williams - Tattoo Artist (Colorado)

Chad Santo - Tattoo Artist (Tavares, Fl.)

Kent Marvel - Tattoo Artist (Tavares, Fl.)

Tom Reid - Tattoo Artist (Tavares, Fl.)

Huey Askins - Piercer (Tavares, Fl.)

Clint Murphy - Former Master Piercer - Clint started out his piercing career in his hometown of Georgia. In 2006, he started his main Piercing Career with us, at the Tavares location. Huey apprenticed under Clint to learn & understand the world of body piercing modification.  As of September 2016, Clint decided to look for a new life adventure in Colorado, as a Masseuse.