These instructions are for Industrial Strength or Oval Shaped Clickers Only!!!  Many BVLA & Body Gem Septum Rings/Clickers are Round and these Instructions will offer an inaccurate measurement -  

1 - You should already know your gauge size.  If you do not you will need to go to your local Piercing Shop and find out your correct gauge. 

2 - With a toothpick, align the tip of the toothpick to your gauged hole, then measure and mark on the toothpick where your septum ends below your nose.  

3 - Measure the mark with a ruler, gauge wheel.  The smallest clicker is 1/4" x 1/4"  If your Septum is exactly 1/4" from your gauged hole to the mark on the toothpick the Clicker will be a snug fit.  If your measurement is smaller than 1/4"  the clicker will be a looser fit and you will have a gap.