Industrial Strength High Quality Titanium Threaded Flowers                                                     These Threaded Ends can be used in just about  any piercing with the right jewelry base:  Lip/Labret - Cartilage (Helix, Conch, Rook, Tragus, Daith, Snug) - Septum - Navel - Eyebrow - Nostril - Surface Anchor(Dermal) 

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Titanium Flowers 4mm - $60ea, 5.3mm$55ea, 6.6mm $60ea, & 7.4mm $55ea  - 

black & white Swarovski CZ's

dark ruby conundrum & yellow sarovski cz's (4mm flower has amber cz center)

fancy pink & white swarovski cz's

mint green & yellow swarovski cz's (4mm flower has amber cz in center)

white & yellow swarovski cz's (4mm flower has amber cz center)

yellow & amber swarovski cz's

lavender & sleepy lavender faux-pals

mimosa pink & white faux-pals

odyssey flower threaded end #2 - 3mm center gem & 1.5mm surrounding gems

Titanium High Polish White & Black Swarovski CZ's 16g 7mm $145 - receive  $45 on your next purchase