Exquisite Gold Body Jewelry by BVLA (Body Vision LA)                                   quality handcrafted gold jewelry, with a lifetime warranty

BVLA Jewelry & the Beautiful People that Wear It

** please remember the price of gold fluctuates with the market - please email for an accurate quote**


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Please Click on Logo for In Stock Items

flower #2, tiara septum clicker bvla#36-0070, & trinity cluster

Jewelry Set Shown is in Turquoise, Pearl & CZ's

yellow gold bead prong 

yellow gold bead prong 

millgrain prong bvla #10-0530

latchmi seam ring bvla#36-0059 crown end bvla #10-0254

flower #2 & zara hinged ring

yellow gold zara w/ hinge clasp bvla#36-0094

gold ends - bow w/ gem, key, peace sign